Below are some of the benefits for both the students and their families gained by using our services.

- Help student consider universities s/he had not been aware of.

- Provide a more sophisticated understanding of how university admissions officers think.

- Able to offer a large list of universities that the students and the families would have never considered otherwise.

- Have insight into the admission process and what factors are considered by the adcoms.

- Provide up to date info, especially on the universities that the students and the families would not have known to consider.

- Have inside knowledge on universities and the application process.

- Have the time and the knowledge to guide the students and the families efficiently and effectively through the university admission process.

Students are more likely to listen to the private university counselor than the parents.

- Keep the students on a timeline and stop the families from being a nag.

- A non-family member work with the students make the process so much smoother, especially with essay reviews and application materials.

- Help to avoid conflicts between the students and the families.